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Events Overview



Virtual Events

Even during a Pandemic you can still celebrate and have an elite experience with your event.




Small & Mid-Size Business 

(all types)

Not sure how to plan for events 2021, let us elite you! You can still keep all your events as planned, you can even have a holiday, watch meet New Year's Eve experience. Let us show you!

Milestone Events

We plan from 1st birthdays and up, let us give you an elite experience!

Not just birthdays, retirement, anniversary, baby, bridal, groom showers, weddings, and much more!

Other Elite


Events you wouldn't think needed a planner until you started the process, then you realized it was more details than you wanted to handle.

Let us do it for you! You just relax and enjoy!


Class and Family Reunions

Lock-In for Kids/Teens 

Men and Women Retreats

Recording Artist Album Release 

Wine Tastings with Friends

Themed Painting (Pray-N-Paint)


And Much More!

CJ and her team planned my birthday celebration, my guests are still talking about it!  It was  awesome!


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